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Xenobia Bailey is an artist and designer best known for her eclectic crochet hats and her large scale crochet pieces and mandalas, consisting of colorful concentric circles and repeating patterns.  Her designs are influenced by African, Chinese and Native American and Eastern philosophies, with undertones of the 1970's "Funk" aesthetic. Her hats have been featured in United Color of Benetton ads, on the Cosby Show, and in the Spike Lee film Do The Right Thing. In 2003, her designs were commemorated in the form of an Absolut Vodka Ad entitled "Absolut Bailey." Her work is in the permanent collections at Harlem's Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, the Allentown Art Museum, and the Museum of Contemporary Arts and in the Museum of Arts and Design.  Most recently, some of her crochet work has transformed into mosaics and is on display at the New York City subway 34th Street - Hudson Yards station.